Why Trees Shed their Leaves.

Once upon a time, when there was only light and warmth, the Birds and the Trees could talk to each other. As the worlds began to bow and curtsey, the Light began to fade and the Warmth yielded to a colder wind from the North. The Birds and the Trees fluttered and chirped and rustled and worried about the Dark and Cold. They decided that they must fly South away from the wind before the Sun sank away. They all gathered together as their shadows crept low and long and twisting mist licked around their feet. The Birds leapt into the air and chorused as one away from the darkness. The Trees tried to flutter into the Sky but their roots were deep and strong and would not let go of the Earth. The only part of the Trees that let go was the leaves. A blizzard of green and brown swirled into the air after the Birds but fell helplessly to the ground, settling silently. The Trees were sad and lonely and the Light and Warmth continued to fade. However, with no leaves to protect and feed, and keep safe and warm the strong Trees had nothing to fear from the Cold or the Darkness, and stood silently; thinking. Once more, the Worlds bowed and curtsied and the Light and Warmth returned and with them returned the Birds. The Trees celebrated the return of their friends but had been silent for so long they could no longer speak. To show their happiness they burst into a new flourish of bright green leaves and the Birds were so Happy to see their old friends that they made their homes in the Trees and sung to them every morning.
Ever since then, the Tree has been a symbol of Strength and Renewal and the Bird a symbol of Freedom and Hope. ISAK has unashamedly borrowed from nature’s spirit to bring the new range of designs for 2008-2009. We hope you enjoy them and feel the joy of Nature’s Design.