A month in the Panamanian jungle

Last month, Isak moved its office to the Panamanian cloud forest, now we’re back!


We packed up our family and bundled up the office (which packed surprisingly light in a carry on bag) and set off to Mount Totuma in western Panama, bordering La Amsted national parl. There we spend our days looking after the lodge, cook delicious meals for guests in the restaurants (see our food and travel posts on the Isak’s Table blog) and explored the local community and wildlife.

We spend three hours each day homeschooling our children. We have a 12, an 8 and a 6 year old. First hour was maths, then English and sometimes Spanish. The last hour was homework or self studies or often field studies. We learned about the cloud forest; the animal and plant species living there. We studied micro orchids and bromeliads, hummingbirds, moths, butterflies and an array of bugs. We hiked to remote fincas to meet with people and listen to their stories and encounters with puma, mountain lions and ocelots and we were lucky enough to se a wild sloth. We cooked with the wonderful and exiting new produce growing in the fertile volcanic soil of this highland area of Chiriquì. It was hard at times to juggle a family of five, work and lodge – but tremendously fun and rewarding too. We wanted to do something different and are lucky to have such adaptable and curious children.


There was a fair bit of design work created during these four weeks too, more of that to come. We just thought we’d share a little bit of what we’ve been up to!