Handmade in East Sussex by Peter!

Our cheese and butterknives feature Norwegian steel blades and the handles are hand turned by Peter West in East Sussex! These are perfect for your breakfast table or after dinner cheese board. We love them and think you would too!

Let me tell you a little story. I was out driving one day. This was when we still lived in England and I still had a car.

So out I was, driving in my little car. I got lost of course. The sun was shining and the rolling hills of West Sussex in the sunshine is just breathtaking. It was early spring and I went down a tiny lane where I stopped to ask directions. I stopped just outside Peter West’s workshop. The reason I chose to stop there was to admire the 3 meter tall totem pole guarding the outside of his house. I didn’t know then that later, he would be making our candle holders and the handles for our cheese and butter knives for us. By hand as well!

But that’s what happens sometimes, one thing leads to another and you’re taken in a certain direction.

This is Peter, as he’s making one of our products. Please note the girls…