Top Drawer

A big thank you to everyone that came to see us at the show! Old friends and new friends. The response to the new range was fantastic! Nick & Sandra

Bird & Leaf Cups

Top Drawer Autumn 08

Why Trees Shed their Leaves.

Once upon a time, when there was only light and warmth, the Birds and the Trees could talk to each other. As the worlds began to bow and curtsey, the Light began to fade and the Warmth yielded to a colder wind from the North. The Birds and the Trees fluttered and chirped and rustled […]

Blossom & Bill look alike competition!

The number of people we’ve had that say they know someone that looks just like Bill & Blossom! Well, here’s your chance as we’re starting a look alike competition on Facebook. Become their friend, keep up to date with what’s going on in their lives – and each month we’ll crown a new worthy winner […]

Magic hands

There is this girl, this pale Danish girl with black hair and washed out jeans. A red leather bag and green sneakers. We’ve seen her around. With her dry and chipped hands – she creates magic. The most beautiful and sensual forms – we have ever seen! She is a Danish ceramicist, loured to London […]


Memory number 7Icicles The attic was hidden above squeaking stairs, high up in my grandparents red-timbered farmhouse. The attic was only opened on special occasions, letting ripe wood smells permeate the house. The first occasion was Christmas, when regular access to the freezer was required. The second was in the summer and the third was […]

Penguin blanket

We are very proud of our blankets, a traditional Scandinavian product to shield out the cold, or just to snuggle up under on a rainy day. Our blankets are made from pure 100% new Norwegian wool and the wool comes from sheep on fresh Norwegian mountain pastures. This means that you get a soft, comfortable […]

Top Drawer

Spring news

We have some new exiting products that we will be launching at Top Drawer, Jan 13-15. We will be in stand J3. Hope to see you there! We are bringing out some lovely wooden coasters, new kids educational posters and our very first textile product – a 100% wool blanket.