On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas

hope, colour and FUN
Children in Soweto slum Uganda are
vulnerable to abuse, neglect and abduction. The Child Friendly Space supported
by Children on the Edge gives them a safe place to enjoy being children.
The children here get a
lot of learning done, but also a lot of playing! This has been especially fun
for them since the installation of a bright, colourful and imaginative new
playground, made from local resources.
This is a photograph of
the children on the their new motorbike.. or as they would say their new ‘boda boda’. Boda Boda’s are a common
form of taxi around Jinga. When interviewed the children said that after lunch
when activities end, they like to stay around for as long as they can to listen
in to the afternoon activities which the older children receive… and of course
to play in the playground!

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Sandra & Nick