Isak’s spice grinder!

We are very excited about our new spice grinder and the photos just came through.

Isak in Japan!

For all our Japanese friends – our wonderful Agent Ditt-Datt is exhibiting in Tokyo now!

A Midnattssol table setting

It’s mid November and everywhere we look there’s talk about Christmas already. Even before Halloween this year there were Christmas displays in shop windows and pubs. This is our early take on Christmas.

Lovely press in Great British Food magazine and others!

Many years ago when we started Isak we met a lovely lady called Anne at a trade show in London.

Shooting the Midnattssol range in Iceland

The Midnattssol design was inspired by the long Scandinavian nights so it was only natural that we took it to Iceland to shoot some life style products images.


Making a new range can take a long time. Midnattssol took the better part of a year.

Isak in Japan!

Isak in Japan!

The Isak and Sandra Isak ranges are represented in Japan by Ditt-Datt and here is some lovely Japanese press from the launch!

A new Familjen range for BlissHome!

New Familjen range for BlissHome. Sandra has been busy working on new products, including tableware and trays.

Sandra Isaksson for Skip Hop

Sandra Isaksson for Skip Hop

A selection of Sandra’s designs for Skip Hop over the years.

Why Trees Shed their Leaves.

Once upon a time, when there was only light and warmth, the Birds and the Trees could talk to each other. As the worlds began to bow and curtsey, the Light began to fade and the Warmth yielded to a colder wind from the North. The Birds and the Trees fluttered and chirped and rustled […]