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Johanna from Finland received a Leaf cup as part of her advent prize and put it straight to good use for her Christmas hyacinth. How would you use yours?


ISAK at Pedlars, Fika cups, Blossom & Bill Blue Tray and Familjen tablecloth.

December 24

See you all in the new year, wishing you lots of love and Christmas cheer! Hear the bells chime, now it’s party time! Merry Christmas everyone! December 24

December 23

The christmas tree is dressed, and gently caressed. Everything is ready, children waiting steady. We’re nearly there, Santa’s soon here! December 23

December 22

December 21

December 21

Decembert 20

Who lives in no 20?! December 20 Here at number twenty lives the lovely Miss Wendy She fits into the street all this nudity is neat Even in the snow she seems to have a glow All the boys want to score so leave Isak gifts by her door She is partial to a mug […]

December 19

Sonja invites her friends and lights the fire, a beautiful fireplace they all admire. They warm their hands from the ice, and drink mulled wine, full of spice. December 19 Send us a comment to take part in todays advent draw!

December 18

This village has tradition, it’s now almost a superstition. That one night in December, for as long as anyone remember… You must of Vodka take a sip, then in the icy water take a naked dip. If you don’t do the jump, the men believe they will never again do the hump… For it is […]

December 17

House seventeen, is always sparkling clean. Uncle Torsten lives here, with his old reindeer. All the animals he feeds, for all the birds he puts out seeds. People mistake Torsten for someone they know, someone when they were little came troddig through the snow… December 17 Send us an e-mail or post a comment here […]

December 16

Dancing around the Christmas tree looking at views of the sea… Children’s laughter echo, so does the parent’s prosecco…. Raise a toast, to your host! December 16