Tingleby wallpaper

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The sky let out a monstrous roar just before it’s rain came gushing down over the town. All the little people scurried inside. Drops as big as cloudberries rolled off the roof tops and made muddy rivers on the road. All the children put their faces into faces close to the windows and pressed their noses into the glass. The first one to spot the rain stopping got a sweet. The first to spot the sun come out got two. The first to spot the rainbow got all the gold… This was a normal day in Tingleby. At a first tingle they would run out onto their porches, sniff the air and then quickly run as fast as they could out into the woods. They would grab their bows and arrows and their carts and dollies. All their childlike treasures. Then they would run. Run as fast as they could. Fast. So fast. Quick! Quick now! First to the gold!

The paper used is sourced from sustained forestry and designed and manufactured in the UK. Wipeable surface. Hanging instructions included. Size: each roll is 52 cm wide and 10 meters long.

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Dimensions 52 x 5 x 5 cm